Welcome to Beth Bell Consulting

I’m your one stop resource for exhibit, film/television/theatre, event, arts, arts centered non-profit, education, emerging green business project management and green business consulting.  I am also available as a contract consultant for special projects.

With close to 40 years’ experience in production and over 8 of that in the corporate experiental marketing realm, I have the knowledge and experience to make your vision a reality.

Whether you wish to develop and mount a marketing tour, a travelling exhibition, a large or small event, an arts happening, a company training initiative, an improved and efficient operating process, an arts related not for profit project, a film or television project in need of an Art Department, or a green product you’d like to integrate into film, TV and web media, I can make it happen- on time and on budget.

Allow me to assess your production, event, marketing or other related business to suggest ways for you to save time, resources, and money- and incorporate forward thinking green business practices while you are at it.

I also offer a full suite of art department/set decoration services for production, commercial or residential needs.

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See what people are saying:

“If RELIABILITY and a LASER-LIKE FOCUS are athletic skills, Beth is an Olympian. Clear communicator, organized thinker, solution creator and respectful partner are gold medals I would award Beth.” ~Ed Manner, Former Senior Designer, Parker 3D

“I had the pleasure of working with Beth for many years in the feature film industry so after starting GreenBox Films, I was thrilled to bring her on as managing director. Beth is a powerhouse! She was able to accomplish in one year what I had struggled with, unsuccessfully, for two. Beth brings a positive, can-do attitude and always looks for the best way forward. She is extremely professional, organized and personable. Her work ethic is unmatched. She always goes above and beyond what’s expected and delivers on time and within budget. She has a razor sharp instinct about people and business, is highly creative and always sees the bigger picture. Always proactive; therefore prepared.
I continue to ask for Beth’s input and guidance on new projects and I look forward to working with her again soon.  I not only trust her judgement, I completely rely on it. Beth is a real gem. A great producer and a fantastic human being!”~
Ginny Galloway, Former President, GreenBox Films

“I had the privilege to work with Beth for six years during which time she demonstrated excellent organizing skills, particularly with respect to managing multiple significant time sensitive, simultaneous international and domestic events.  She is keenly aware of the importance of prudent expense management, managing employee and subcontractor expectations, meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations. Her written communication skills are also quite well developed. She was able to provide her direct reports with clear direction and required of them an appropriate level of disciplined communication regarding weekly activities, tasks and projects in progress. I recommend her as a conscientious, dedicated, hard working colleague.” ~Tim Lewis, former COO/CFO, Becker Group, current Managing Director , Chesapeake Corporate Advisors

“Beth, wow!!! her client liason & technical expertise.. well, she is a powerhouse and liked by all, a no nonsence professional.” ~Mark Brown, President Eclipse Staging Services, Dubai, UAE