A budding “eco-preneur”

Whilst I am still working in the freelance consultant and production realm, I am also in process of building a business that we hope to launch officially with production people next year, in 2012.

This past spring whilst taking part in an online discussion on the inspirational website TED with the documentarian Morgan Spurlock (of “Supersize Me” fame), he was promoting his new film “Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”,  I had a “lightbulb moment”. Media Product Placement is an inevitable part of the marketing and advertising landscape and it’s not going anywhere. Why not use that very successful platform to promote companies that are green, or are socially enterprising, or are local/entrepreneurial? Or a combination of all three. Morgan wrote me back- “I think you found your next career”. So I did an exhaustive internet search and found that indeed there were no media product placement companies that specialized in promoting these types of companies specifically, and certainly none of the existing companies made “giving back” and green consciousness as part of their SOP.

Morgan has told us “I love that you are running with this and making it happen. This business is important and will find a major home in Hollywood. I will do whatever I can to help.”

So with that, “Green Product Placement” was born! Please check out our website.

We’re just beginning to assemble the building blocks of our business and just getting started reaching out to companies to represent. We hope to launch with production people, mining our deep well of contacts, to get products placed, starting next year, in 2012. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback about our venture from production people and people in both the marketing and green sectors, which is very encouraging!

We’re bootstrapping this with our own sweat equity, so I am definitely still available for freelance management consulting, sales representation and production work! Please do contact me with your need and I’ll write you a proposal!









Hello world! Beth Bell Consulting Page is up and (almost) running.

Well, after a couple of years of doing consulting work part time, I’ve decided to make my services a bit more official.

A webpage is, in a way a “virtual office”- in that this is what the rest of the world sees of you when you do much of your work remotely.

Stay tuned as I get the site tweaked and tightened… once it’s properly up and running, I’m going to launch on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!