Management Services

Production, Technical and Business Management

I have extensive experience in managing projects, people, productions and performance.

Let me put my expertise to work for you!

Some of my specialties:
– Company SOP creation- pitch to delivery
– Company policy and handbook creation
– Budget creation and analytics
– Conceive, create, coordinate and deliver educational initiatives
– Project and Staff management
– National and International staff recruiting, training and company orientation
– National and International strategic partner, service provider, equipment and resource vetting
– Logistics management for the entertainment and event industries
– Site surveys and site survey training
– Marketing and PR services, including media product placement services through Green Product Placement
– Efficiency assessments
– Travelling event, exhibit, screening, display, experiential marketing, theatrical and media production management
– Technician/crewing services
– and much, much more!

In today’s economy many businesses are going the way of film and television productions; as in- hire the types of people you need only when you need them. For this, they turn to freelancers and consultants to provide all sorts of services on a temporary, contract and/or by-project basis. This allows companies to manage the talent they need when they need it.

Let me provide your company with my expertise, flexibility and guaranteed results.